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TS5.4 - Measured and Remote Sensing-based ET determinations: Results, learning and applications (ICARDA,FAO, Sida)
Convener (s): ICARDA.Co-convener (s): FAO, SIDA.

Enhancing Water Productivity (WP) is strategic, being one of the most influential climate adaptation options in arid regions, and the FAO Regional Water Scarcity Initiative has been instrumental in this context. Improving water productivity will be mainly through understanding the evapotranspiration (ET) phenomena which is the most important water flux in arid regions. It has largely been recognized that large-scale determination of ET can only be feasible through spatial modeling of the hydrological processes that greatly uses information retrieved using satellite-borne sensors and the remote sensing (RS) technology. Therefore, the FAO Water Scarcity Initiative (WSI) for the NENA Region and ICARDA conceived and established an ET-Network for the NENA Region (NENA-ETNet) with the objective of coordinating specialized institutions, within the countries of the Region, to conduct field measurements of actual ET (ETa), over selected crops and for different seasons using field methods.The expected outcomes of this Technical Session include:(i) providing a common understanding and methodology on the field vs RS ET testing.(ii) increasing awareness on the uncertainties related to the methodology adopted.(iii) draw preliminary inferences on the accuracies of the RS ET model adopted and RS ET databases tested.

Oct 28, 2021 12:00 PM in Cairo

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